• Why is Measuring What We Do Still a Challenge? This is the second in a series of blog posts for Measurement Month. Measurement, measurement, measurement. This term still plagues our industry, and is often in the spotlight as one of the areas where our profession needs improvement. Twenty-five years ago, under the leadership of Jack Felton, the Institute for Public Relations formed the Me... more
  • Guidelines for Measuring Trust in Organizations (Updated) Download (PDF): Guidelines for Measuring Trust in Organizations (updated 2013) Introduction In 2003, a coalition of organizations representing 50,000 public relations and communications professionals gathered in New Jersey to discuss ways to restore trust in American business. Buffeted by scandal and crisis since the Enron debacle, the ave... more
  • How to Apply Barcelona Principles 2.0 Video produced by the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) and Ketchum Global Research and Analytics.  This video was created and directed by Jocelyn Jackson, a Senior Project Manager at Ketchum with the guidance of David B. Rockland, Ph.D., Partner/CEO, Global Research & Analytics at Ketchum and th... more
  • Katie Paine
    Paine Publishing’s Guide to Commonly Used Metrics This guest blog post appears courtesy of Paine Publishing.  Dowload PDF: Paine Publishing's Guide to Commonly Used Metricseasurement Techniques ... more
  • Who is Leading Whom in the General Motors Recall Understanding Media Impact on Public Relations Efforts, Public Awareness, and Financial Markets Download Full Paper: Who is Leading Whom in the General Motors Recall: Understanding Media Impact on Public Relations Efforts, Public Awareness, and Financial Markets [caption id="attachment_24764" align="alignright" width="300"] Wendi Stro... more
  • Measurement Month at Midpoint: Barcelona Principles 2.0, Impressions Take Center Stage If you work in communication/communications/public relations or anything else we choose to call it (because we don’t exactly agree on terminology) and you love to quantify results (though we don’t exactly agree on how to do it) then this month is for you. Our pals at the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Com... more
  • Corporate Communications Counts and Can Be Counted Not everything that can be counted counts. Not everything that counts can be counted. William Bruce Cameron Historically, marketing functions needed to be far more sophisticated in measuring the impact of their activities than their colleagues in corporate communications, including internal communications. Marketing campaigns have been subject... more
  • Barcelona Principles 2.0 – Updated 2015 It’s been five years since the industry rallied around the Barcelona Declaration of Measurement Principles, agreeing to the first overarching framework for effective public relations (PR) and communication measurement. The original goal was straightforward: provide guidelines to measure efficacy of communication campaigns; provide a basis to ... more
  • Top Five Questions to Ask About Mix Market Modeling Market Mix Modeling: Why You Are Failing at It and What You Can Do About It While market mix models (MMM) might sound quite elementary to our peers in marketing, PR professionals have only recently discovered their value. This sudden interest in this statistical tool can be partly attributed to the need to prove our worth in the marketing mix to... more
  • Measurement Innovations: Making Sense of Earned Media Metrics A version of this article first appeared in Media Monitoring & Measurement News. How can PR practitioners make sense of the plethora of possible earned media metrics and measurement strategies?  PR industry groups have published a number of documents to guide PR practitioners. The Barcelona Declaration for Measurement Principles, a set ... more