Commission membership consists of more than two dozen research thought leaders with representation from corporations and non-profits, public relations firms, research providers and university faculties. Commission members have produced books and dozens of articles about public relations measurement and evaluation. Commission members are regular speakers at seminars and conferences, advocating for research and evaluation that demonstrates the effectiveness of public relations.


Mark Weiner
PRIME Research

Associate Chair

Thomas Stoeckle
Small Data Forum


Angela Jeffrey
ABX Advertising Benchmark Index
Allan Dib
Allyson Hugley
Weber Shandwick
David Geddes
Geddes Analytics LLC
David Michaelson
Teneo Strategy
Elesha Hoffman
Elizabeth Rector
Cisco Systems
Forrest W. Anderson
Independent Consultant
Gary Sheffer
Weber Shandwick
Jackie Matthews
General Motors
Jim Simon
Simon & Associates
Julie O’Neil
Texas Christian University
Katie Paine
Paine Publishing
Marianne Eisenmann
inVentiv Health
Mark Phillips
National Defense University
Mary Miller
Miller Comms
Mike Daniels
Salience Insight
Michael Ziviani
Precise Value
Patricia Bayerlein
Gagen MacDonald
Pauline Draper-Watts
Edelman Intelligence
Sean D. Williams
Communication AMMO
Shannon A. Bowen
University of South Carolina
Stacey Smith
Jackson, Jackson & Wagner
Tim Marklein
Big Valley Marketing

Members Emeritus

Brad Rawlins
Arkansas State University
David Dozier
San Diego State University
David Rockland
Rockland Dutton Research & Consulting
Don Stacks
University of Miami (Retired)
Donald K. Wright
Boston University
Fraser Likely
Likely Communication Strategies Ltd
James E. Grunig
University of Maryland
John Gilfeather
Koski Research Inc.
Sunshine Overkamp
Overkamp Overkamp-Smith
Walter Lindenmann
Lindenmann Research Consulting